Friday, September 28, 2012

Master Bedroom Mood Board

For reasons unbeknownst to me I spent a good portion of yesterday putting together and mostly finalizing a mood board for our master bedroom. I used Olioboard when designing my son's nursery and I find it the best way to see your vision right in front of your face. I won't use the exact items on this board; for me its mostly about colors and styling. I'll hit Target, TJ Maxx, and thrift stores to purchase and DIY what I can. 

 Here are the three final contenders with the first being our favorite. We like the dark mirror, blue rug and the lamp, which are the only differences. 

We have most of the pieces that we can re purpose thankfully. 
Here's the to do:
Purchase rug.
Paint bedside tables.
Purchase/DIY sunburst mirror.
Purchase duvet cover (I have one in mind from IKEA).
Hang light fixture (Already own one similar).
Paint hanging mirror.
Stain/paint dresser/mirror. 
Purchase accessories (vases, fan, lamp, throw rug, pillow, etc).

Whats your vote? Brown or white mirror? Blue patterned rug or natural jute rug? Clear vase with yellow shade or yellow lamp with white shade?



  1. I always wondered how people made these boards! I need to know what color your walls are. I like the dark mirror and natural rug.

  2. My walls are white. Originally I was going for a "white" bedroom with the dark headboard white accent furniture and pops of color. Now we are staining the dresser and painting nightstands. I think I'll work up a board with the rug and dark mirror.