Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jack 10 Months

It's happened again. Jack has grown another month! He is now 10 months old. 
Double digits. 
sniff sniff. 

Can I just say, I love babies! They are the coolest creatures to watch. The learning that happens daily is very entertaining. I love it. They come with their own headaches, but you will get much more in smiles and warm fuzzies. 

My little guy loves playing in his room. He can entertain himself for a long time with me peeking. So far he sticks to his toys and doesn't bother with much else in his room; in the living room or the office it's fair game. We have not baby proofed much anything. A friend advised us to wait and see what he gets into.  

I'm terrible about getting Jack out in our back yard or anyones to play in dirt and grass. I don't like itchy grass so I figure he wont either. So the other day I stood him up by one of our raised bed gardens and he had some fun digging in the dirt. Yep he ate some but for the most part he played in it. I feel more confident I can let him play in his grandma's sandbox. 

Sophie is still his favorite dog or the only dog that gives him any attention. He pulls up on her, tugs on her ears, will bite her, and she comes back every time. She loves the boy. The boy loves her. It's very sweet. 

We've had some cold weather so I broke out the footie PJ's and they are ridiculously cute. I just love pj's!!! I also love the messy hair in this picture. 

We were playing peek a boo! I missed the actual peeks before the boo but I snapped a couple of him 
playing with the curtain. 

ANDDDD my little guy literally hide from me while I was taking his picture. "no more mama!"

Jack had his first bout of illness this month where he threw up, had a high temp, and the other know coming from the other end. This picture is right before he threw up the first time; guess I shouldn't have given him that smoothie. woops. 

I have the sweetest baby upon waking and here he was giving smiles. I grabbed my camera and missed it but I will always remember that moment, and that's the point.

Likes-puff, rolling, tumbling, laughing with you, all the dogs, biting (what to do?), morning runs
Dislikes-liver pate, leafy grins, not being picked up when he wants to, a toy not working for him
Words-Bye bye, ma ma, da da, pa pa (uncomfirmed ;)
First sentence-"I go bye bye!" (it's what it sounded like!?!)

I love: 
When he sees me and stops what he's doing to crawl to me, laughing all the way. So sweet. 
Anytime Carl is talking (mostly at dinner) Jack will talk over him. haha! 
His excitement when Dada is home. 
That first smile I get in the morning after he nurses. 
That he plays peek a boo with his blanket in his crib. Funny and cute. :) 

Gosh, I love this kid! 



  1. LOVE him! These pictures are great. He sure loves his momma! I'm glad he is no longer sick, sickies are not fun!

  2. Sickies are NOT fun! He's a ham!